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About Us

Clearline Jobs was established by Mr. Sharan Khanna, who is based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Having worked here for almost 2 decades, both as an employee and a successful entrepreneur Sharan realized that sometimes the cost of getting things done, makes it tough for the employer, to meet ends. Also, the shortage of manpower and limited resources always left an impact on the choice of employees picked, therefore came Clearline Jobs, with the aim to establish a firm that offered an unrivaled service to both clients and candidates based on a thorough knowledge of the industry and emphasis on providing exceptional service. 


We help our clients, to build and support their team, through a cost-effective and flexible approach. All clients have their unique businesses and cultures, but they have one thing in common - they understand that manpower is their most important asset. 


We support companies to achieve a competitive advantage through an engaged and equitable workforce. Our team helps safeguard companies by promoting safety, wellness, fairness, and equity.  At Clearline Jobs, our aim is to always deliver our services professionally, efficiently, and with integrity.  



Our clients range from start-up businesses to mid-sized companies.  They are often businesses that don't have an established HR presence, or even if they do, we can provide them support during peak times, when they've exceeded capacity, or simply when they need some external professional guidance. 


Whether it is recruitment or training and development, a better understanding of both sides of the table helps to create a perfect match. It is consequential that for our several long-standing clients, we remain the only choice as well as a single-window solution for their HR and training requirements. 

We provide you with the tools and processes to recruit, manage and grow your team with expert support from our knowledgeable team of consultants. 

Meet Our Directors


Sharan Khanna

pooja pic.jpg

Pooja Khanna

A Message From Our Directors

This is not just about immediate cost savings or replacing a couple of non-critical roles with an offshore team.

It’s about totally rethinking and reimagining how to build and operate a company, accessing the new global workforce of the future, especially

talent from first class English speaking countries, with comparable skills and cost advantages like India.

It’s a profound and transformational opportunity that still lies ahead for many businesses.

Our Offices

Delhi Office - South Delhi.jpg

Delhi Office - South Dellhi

Delhi Office - Gurgoan.jpg

Gurugarm Office

Delhi Office - Nodia.jpg

Delhi Office - Nodia 

Udaipur Office.jpg

Udaipur Office

Mumbai Office.jpg

Bangalore Office

Delhi Team Offices.jpg

Delhi Private Offices

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