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Online Interior Designer

Just bought a new place? Or looking to remodel your space? Using and interior designer can help you create a customized & ideal space as per your requirements. Hiring an on-site interior designer can be expensive, whereas outsourcing this to our team of expert designers who have years of experience in the trade will be much more cost-effective and less time-consuming.

1. Show Us Your Space

Send us a few photos and tell us about your project.

2. Select Your Style

See and select a style our Style Guidebook, which give you a idea of what style you want.

3. Get Design Plans

We create a design of your room that fits your style and budget then help revise until you’re 100% happy.

Lakeside House

Our online interior designers will work as per your style requirement, and at your convenience throughout the design process. You will have the access to reach them, to share ideas and provide your valued feedback. Our team is flexible and can you help you with a small DYI project to redecorate your bedroom, or help you model your new house or office space.

Process of outsourcing your project to an online interior designer:

Help us with pictures and dimensions of the room/rooms you would like assistance with, our team would love some reference ideas, to understand your style and requirement.

Once our designers have understood your aesthetic, they will send you some concepts for approval, once you’ve approved the concept, they will work at designing your space within your budget.

You will be provided, the final model of how your room can look. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, we would be happy to review the model for you if you require any changes.

Our team of designers help you decorate your place, your way with a professional touch, to make your home picture perfect. You have the liberty of working with a designer on a one on way basis, from the comfort of your home. Let our team assist you in creating your dream space within your budget.

Glass Buildings

Why Choose Us?

Short Turnaround Time
Single Point of Contact
Best Infrastructure

Whether you have short-term needs with hourly requirements to have long-term needs where full-time equivalents (FTEs) are needed, We can assist in your project requirement and complete at a very competitive price structure.

We leverage some of the latest and advanced CAD conversion tools to precisely cater to the varying needs of our global clients. We can work on different image formats such as IMG, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PICT, GIF, TIFF, etc. and convert them into fully editable multilayer mechanical drawing formats. 

We understand the importance of having a great infrastructure while delivering top quality services. We have access to world-class workspaces, uninterrupted networks, and the latest and best tools and technologies.

When you choose to partner with us, we will assign a dedicated project manager to you. This manager will be the single point of contact for all your requirements and will keep you updated about the project developments.

Our professionals leverage the latest and advanced tools and techniques to quickly complete your projects well within time. Besides, with multiple delivery centers, we with us you can be assured of top-quality services without any delay.

We have multiple levels of quality checks to ensure that the errors are kept to the bare minimum in each of our assignments. We also follow a structured process to understand all the variables of a project.

Flexible Hiring Models That Suit Your Needs

Different businesses have different needs. Your requirements could be entirely unique from others.

Our pricing plans to hire developers are woven around that diversity of requirements.

Whether you are an early-stage startup, a medium-sized retailer, or a multinational company, we have suitable hiring plans for every client.

Onsite Team

You can hire Assistants from us to build an onsite team. We’ll help you put together the team in the most efficient way possible. We have a good track record of deploying Assistants at client locations.

Managed Dedicated Team

Create a team of assistants to work dedicatedly work on your project. The team will be based in the offices of Cleatline Jobs.

Extended Team

Hire assistants to extend your existing team. We s will add expertise and efficiency to your team.

Dedicated Assistant

Hire an assistant whto works dedicatedly on your projects. Recommended for smaller projects, this plan includes fixed-price and hourly billing options.

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