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Gather Customer Details, Requirement, and Documents

Clearline Jobs team will closely collaborate with you to interpret your business procedures and objectives. Then, our subject matter specialists and expert consultants will survey these procedures and operations.


Provide Flexible Prices

Depending upon the size, type, and complexity of your project, we provide custom call center outsourcing services at rates ranging from $8 to $25 per hour.


Process Contract and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

After deciding the specific call center outsourcing services from us, we will officially contract the partnership agreement and SLA will be signed.


 Initiate Process, Training, and Documentation

Clearline Jobs will commence agent training to familiarize our agents with the tools and CRM used by your company. Moreover, it will help our team understand your workflow like your in-house employees. The process will be documented every step of the way.


Cut Out Tasks to Potential Workforce

After we streamline the process for customer support, we will screen agents for cultural fit and assign responsibilities within the outsourced call center program.


 2-4 Weeks of Nesting

Our agents will be enrolled into call center nesting for a period of 2-4 weeks. Here, they will receive training from veteran agents to learn how call center outsourcing works. Live calls and support requests will be used as training resources to enable our agents to learn your business process.


 Prepare with Mock Calls and Training Assessment

n the post-nesting period, mock calls will be assigned to our agents, during which they are vetted for performance. This includes timeliness, support quality, friendliness, resolution time, etc.


Commence Training for 1-4 Weeks

Our agents will further receive grueling customer support training to sensitize with temperamental customers. Our agents are groomed to specialize in all crevices of call center outsourcing activities including cross-selling of products or services, polite and friendly customer engagement, compliance with corporate culture, etc.


Finalize Candidates to Onboard

We onboard all chosen agents with out-and-out knowledge of customer service operations. On the merits of specialties and expertise, Clearline Jobs will map projects, as well as mentors for further supervision.


Conduct Client Interviews

Clearline Jobs offers a highly flexible onboarding process. We allow our clients to interview and choose the desired agents for their requirements.


 Begin the Project

As soon as our call center agents are shortlisted, they are enrolled in the client project.


Quality Calibrations

Using a standard grading system we will evaluate our agent's performance. We consider several parameters for agent evaluation that includes call response time, oral proficiency, resolution time, clarity in communication, etc.


Ongoing Reviews and Assessments

In the last step, we use continuous evaluation to streamline the call center outsourcing services. We keep communications taut with our clients in every stage of the outsourcing project to fill gaps that may affect the project.

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