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Social Media Campaigns

Social media is one of the most powerful and rewarding ways of marketing today. Social media uses online social media platforms and websites to reach out to the target market. The reach of Social media is extremely large, as by the click of a button you can reach millions of people across the globe. Even though it is competitive, it is relatively easy on the pocket.

Clean and unique graphic designs

Our designers will design you an impressive, clean, and unique designs that help to put across your business message

Timely communication

Our designers will communicate everything with you to make sure everything is going according to the plan and to fulfill your design goals and objectives.

UI and UX strategy

Our dedicated WordPress developers give honest advice before and during the development process. Our team is up-to-date with the latest WordPress trends and advancements.

Professional approach

Our designers make sure to uphold the highest level of ethical and professional standards when doing business with you.

Graphic Designer

Start a Brand

We help launch brands from scratch.

There are no names, just an idea. We undertake extension competitor and market research, a deep dive data-led approach, which helps form our creative brief for a; naming exercise, a completely new brand, manifesto, visual identity and marketing assets needed for a launch.

There are two ways to increase the reach of your campaigns, there are organically generated leads and paid leads. 
Both are effective in their own way, and the campaigns are designed as per the clients requirement. Organic leads are those which have been generated by unpaid search results.

Social media is a vast platform all about meeting your target audience, where they are, and where they interact with each other and your brand. The strategy however is dependent on the age group and preferences of your client, as to which platform is the most popular.

Advantages of implementing Social media Marketing:

Generate Leads – Engaging your client with your brand or product via contests, special offers, bringing in an influencer, selling it via their platform, hosting live feeds etc. increases leads, which in turn boost sales.

Increase Brand Awareness & Credibility – When you see a celebrity or an influencer promote a certain product or restaurant, it gives the brand more credibility. A social presence helps clients know the brand is trusted, this also leads to increase in website traffic, as the audience will be keen on knowing more about the brand.

Interact With Your Customer – Get familiar with your customers, by interacting with them on a one on one basis. You can respond to their questions and feedbacks. Interacting with them will help achieve long-term relations.

Platforms often used for Social Media Marketing are:

Facebook Linkedin
Instagram Youtube
Snapchat Pinterest
Twitter Tiktok etc.

Flexible Hiring Models That Suit Your Needs
Onsite Team

You can hire Magento developers from us to build an onsite team. We’ll help you put together the team in the most efficient way possible. We have a good track record of deploying Magento experts at client locations.

Different businesses have different needs. Your requirements could be entirely unique from others.

Our pricing plans to hire developers are woven around that diversity of requirements.

Whether you are an early-stage startup, a medium-sized retailer, or a multinational company, we have suitable hiring plans for every client.

Managed Dedicated Team

Create a team of web designers, developers, business analysts, and software testers to work dedicatedly work on your project. The team will be based in the offices of Cleatline Jobs.

Extended Team

Hire Magento experts and domain specialists to extend your existing eCommerce team. We Magento developers will add tech expertise and efficiency to your team.

Dedicated Developer

Hire a Developer to work dedicatedly on your projects. Recommended for smaller projects, this plan includes fixed-price and hourly billing options.

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