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Employer of Record in India

We help you expand your business into India and help you recruit your team


An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third party entity that, on behalf of another entity, employs and pays an employee and takes responsibility for all formal tasks of employment. Using an EOR enables businesses to communicate with foreign employees lawfully and easily in a foreign country, without having to setup a local office or risk of breaking local employment laws.

Employer of Record is also known by different names in different parts of the world like local partner, local employer, local EOR or overseas back office.

How it Works


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Tell us about your requirement

Once we receive your requirement we will study it and get back to you with a formal email requesting for a bit more information.

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Benefits of working with PEO/EOR

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  • Time Saving: A reputable PEO/ EOR can handle important but time-consuming tasks such as administering foreign benefit plans, creating a compliant payroll system, tax reporting and filing, and other administrative tasks. This allows you to save time so that you and your staff can focus on more important work tasks that affect your business.

  • Cost Saving: Because leading PEOs are established entities that operate with best practices and the latest technology, you can often save money as well as time by using a PEO instead of paying in-house staff to handle your human resources functions.  

  • Flexibility: It’s important to remember that one of the best PEO benefits is having the ability to hire, reassign, or terminate employees as the needs of your business change. There may be various reasons why you are unable to work staff, such as: 

    • A pandemic 

    • Political instability 

    • A weak economy 

  • Compliance Assurance: Another significant advantage of using a PEO is having knowledgeable local experts on your team. Employment laws often change, and it is important that you understand those changes in the countries where your company does business. PEOs are familiar with local rules and regulations and can ensure that the proper policies are put in place to protect your business. This will help you stay in the good graces of local bureaucracies and insulate you from the possibility of facing infractions or fines. PEO representatives can advise on important laws and best practices regarding several matters that are important to your business, such as: 

    • Written employment agreement requirements 

    • Minimum wage and wage equity laws 

    • Overtime rules 

    • Sick leave  

    • Maternity and paternity leave 

    • Other types of administrative leave 

    • Benefit administration 

    • Hiring practices 

    • Workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance 

  • Fast Market Entry: Additionally, using a PEO/ EOR allows you to bypass the process of incorporating a business, which is often very time-consuming and involves clearance from a number of bureaucracies that are foreign to you. You can simply deploy staff on the ground in order to take advantage of new opportunities and gain the competitive advantage of being the first to market.  

  • Risk Protection: Because you are working with local experts, you can protect yourself from risk. You can avoid making expensive payroll mistakes. You can also ensure that you avoid infractions and fines from lack of compliance. PEOs are experts on compliance matters related to employment. Additionally, because the PEO/ EOR is the employer of record, it takes on all employer-related legal liability. PEO experts will help you mitigate risk and give you great peace of mind so you can concentrate on the success of your expansion.

  • Better Recruitment Options: A lesser-known but still valuable set of PEO/ EOR benefits are seen in providers who also offer supplemental employment solutions, such as recruiting. Recruitment experts know where to find the most talented workers for various industries and also have a global network of talent at their disposal. This allows you to find talented members to add to your team faster and more affordably than trying to handle this aspect of your business alone.  

Why Work With Clearline Jobs?

  • We understand New Zealand and Australia Markets: Our company Directors, has spent good 20 years living, studying and working in these two countries. We also run successful Tourism and Engineering business in both these countries. 

  • Local office in New Zealand: We have a local office in Auckland, where you can come and meet us.

  • Easy to Work with: It is very easy to work with us, we will find you a solution as per your needs, and we are very easy to approach.

  • Own Recruitment Agencies: We have our own inhouse recruitment agencies in India, New Zealand and Australia, therefore we the prefect resources to find to the apt talent required for your job.

  • Our Approach: We approach the business as your local partners in India and not just service providers. 

  • HR Services: We also provide HR services on behalf on the overseas entity.

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