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Offshore Staffing

Hire your staff in India, and he works at Clearline Jobs managed and supervised office in India, at local Indian wages but reports to you.

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Service Request

You have a one-off project like logo designing or Data Entry work, send us your details and we will get it done cheaper, better, and faster.

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Outsourcing a Project

You have a project or an ongoing task,  you want to outsource, we will dedicate a team or just a team member to your project.

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Hire Offshore Staff, Train him in India, then move him to NZ/ AUS

Due to Covid, borders are shut or you want to test an employee before moving him to NZ/ AUS, this is for you. While in India, you pay Indian local wages, so you save a lot of cost in training and you are sure of his talent.

New Hires

Hire an Employee

You are looking to hire an employee in New Zealand or Australia. Just send us a request, we will find you the right talent from around the globe.


Open your own branch office in India

You want to expand into the Indian market and want to set up/ register a company, but are having problems going complicated Indian system. We will help you with the system from registration to opening a bank account to hiring staff or renting an office.

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