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Waikato, New Zealand

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Full Time

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22 Mar 2021


Our vision is to unlock the connection between humans and animals to create a better world. This means we convert intentions that humans have into cues that animals understand and actions from animals into insights that humans can understand. Whilst we are creating a complete platform that will enhance communication between people and a variety of animals we have decided to start with the world’s most populous large mammal - the cow.

We have spent over one million hours learning and classifying cow behaviour on our research farm to create a sophisticated cow movement and monitoring system. As far as we know, we already possess the world’s largest cow behaviour dataset. Our patented guidance control techniques shift cows remotely removing the need for fences and eliminating the manual nature of shifting animals. This all moves the dial towards the creation of a new generation of more efficient, sustainable farming globally.

We are backed by a set of sophisticated investors that have supported a stream of other leading technology companies including SpaceX, Tesla, AirBNB and Spotify. We are also incredibly fortunate to count Rocket Lab CEO, Peter Beck, as an investor and board member.


You will be a part of our multi-disciplinary on-farm research & development team composed of engineers, farmers and everything in between. We believe that team culture is vital for our success as a team and as a company and as a result work hard to maintain a fun and casual atmosphere in which you can thrive and develop.

Our days never look the same; we find ourselves doing anything from wearing gumboots and working with the cows to sitting in our on-farm base working on the next big challenge. We focus on developing new features that our customers will be using in the day-to-day running of their farm.

Some of the exciting work you would be involved in:

  • Designing and executing on-farm research projects to enable continuous innovation and improvement of our product

  • Drawing data based analysis, results and learnings from research and experiments to provide input into the design and production of our products

  • Testing new and improved product features to achieve smooth deployment at our customer farms

  • Working cross-functionally with teams across the company:
    From Engineering to provide input into new and existing product features
    To Customer Success to ensure our products are meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations

From the first day you join, you'll be able to have a direct impact on what our product looks like and how farmers use it. Your opinion and input will be vital to the success of this company. You will be heavily involved in all the tests we run; from the designing phase to the execution and documentation of the learnings.


  • You are comfortable with ambiguity and you thrive in a fast paced environment

  • You love responsibility and are keen to take on everything that comes your way

  • You enjoy working hard and want to be a part of a team that does the same

  • You’re eager to learn and to do things you’ve never done before

  • Ideally you are tech savvy and have either farming experience, a farming background or an agriculture qualification

What we can offer you

  • A chance to define the future of farming and make the world a better place

  • An open and supportive environment where input from all members is encouraged

  • The opportunity to work with and grow alongside a dynamic, and highly talented team with diverse backgrounds

  • A fast-paced work environment with exposure to world-first technology

  • Opportunity for rapid development and career progression

  • A top tier compensation package and benefits

  • The excitement, risk, and reward of a high-growth technology start-up

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