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Full Stack Software Engineer

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Auckland, New Zealand

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Full Time

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22 Mar 2021

We builds software products that automate the delivery of broadband and voice for ISPs, to free up time. Time for thinking, time for action, time for business.

We automate the hard stuff and help our customers create new voice, data and internet products for their clients without having to increase their headcount or train their staff. To put it simply – we help our customers do more, with less.

Founded in 2008, we have a few more grey hairs than your typical start-up! We have a long list of loyal customers who’ve been with us since the beginning, and we’re gearing up for some serious transformation in 2020 with household-name clients and game-changing projects. A team of 35-ish headquartered in Victoria Park, we’re in the process of scaling our team to support the big plans in our pipeline

The Role

Our technical team is poised for some significant growth this year. Currently a team of 4 senior software engineers, we're continuing to develop and invest in our existing product suite, while also building new software products for the future. We're looking for Full-Stack Software Engineers to help us hit the big goals that we have for 2021 and beyond. Below is a snapshot of our current tech stack, and what we're looking for in order to fulfil our future plans:


  • A collection of fresh new core services being built in Kotlin (monorepo)

  • A mature PHP / Yii monolith which powers our portal, including some React, Backbone, jQuery and Bootstrap in the frontend

  • A few other services written in Go and Python

  • Lots of API integrations with upstream vendors like Chorus for broadband, and IPMS for voice

  • We use common tools like Github, AWS, Codeship.

  • Future:

  • We're using Kotlin (backend) and React/Typescript (frontend) for our current and future projects

  • We have a good mix of skills in-house currently, but we need more great humans to help us get more stuff done faster


  • You consider yourself to be an experienced software developer - you've made some mistakes in the past and know how to avoid them in the future, and have a high level of pragmatism when it comes to your work.

  • You have expertise across all layers of a modern software stack.

  • You'd be comfortable using Kotlin and/or PHP in order to get the work done. If you haven't worked with either of these before, that's ok: Demonstrated experience in other languages (especially Java) will be considered positively.

  • You understand the value of communicating well, and can provide high-quality written and verbal comms to your team, and customers / suppliers (if required).

  • You're able to provide caring and honest feedback to your team, your Manager, and the wider business where required.

  • You're interested in working in a highly collaborative, team-oriented environment.

  • Experience in Telecommunications is beneficial, but not necessary. What's critical is your ability and eagerness to learn something new on a daily basis.

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