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How Do I Work With My Employee?

Any way you’d like! Your employee can hop into any app or workflow you’re already using. For example, if you communicate primarily via email, your assistant will email you. If you use WhatsApp, your assistant will chat with you there. If you prefer talking on the phone, your assistant will call you, etc.

What Happens If I Want A Different Assistant, My Assistant Quits, Or If I Need To Scale My Hours Up Or Down?

Just let us know and we’ll handle it. If your assistant quits mid-week or you need a different employee, we will work quickly to replace them. If you want to change their schedule and adjust how many hours they work per week, tell us and we’ll make the adjustment.

What If My Employee Works Overtime?

That’s totally fine! If you and your employee agree, your assistant can work overtime. Overtime must be confirmed over text or email by both you and the assistant. This is to ensure that you’ve clearly approved every hour of overtime worked.

What If My Employee Goes On Vacation/Gets Sick?

Not a problem. You won’t be charged if your employee needs to take time off if they get sick or go on vacation.

Who Are The Employees? Where Are They Located?

Clearline Jobs is fully remote and has employees and contractors worldwide, with a focus on New Zealand, Australia, and United States. Our operational headquarters is located in New Delhi, India. We hire smart generalists who are resourceful, fast on the computer, 100% fluent in English, and who have graduated from one of the top universities in India. Our staff is looking to work remotely for a cool startup or small to midsize business.

How Does Clearline Jobs Vet Through The Job Seekers To Find My Right Match?

Clearline Jobs leverages a proprietary selection criterion and multi-step process to vet candidates and find the best match for each Clearline Jobs entrepreneur. This process includes an in-depth questionnaire, live interview, and screening call with the potential entrepreneur to ensure users are matched with the right Dedicated Assistant

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