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IT Staffing Services

We Source Technology Professionals for Organizations and Help Them Retain Top Talent!


Getting engineering talent is not difficult, what's difficult is getting professionals with the exact technical expertise and skill set you are looking for. Clearline Jobs is a reputed IT Staffing Agency that has been providing staffing solutions to top IT companies and shortening their search in finding apt IT talent.

Our Staffing Process

We follow a streamlined process for IT recruitment and Staffing and ensure that the procedure is smooth, transparent, and productive. Here are the steps we follow for IT staff augmentation:

Step 1: Client Sends the Eligibility Criteria for Employment

Step 2: Clearline offers CVs of suitable candidates.

Step 3: Client interviews shortlisted candidates

Step 4: Client finalizes the employee/ recruits and signs an SLA.


Our solutions for IT staffing for Magento Developers include -

  • Full-time Equivalent (FTE): For eight hours a day, and five days a week our developer would work exclusively on your project.


  • Short-term Assignments: You can now hire qualified personnel for short-term assignments based on your discretion.

  • Long-term Assignments: This option is ideal if you have a running engagement and are unsure how long project completion will. Our developer will work on your project until its successful completion.

  • Contract with Option to Hire: You have the flexibility of selecting a developer and offer them employment if you think they suit your operational processes.

  • Part-time Developers: An exclusive hiring option, now you can select developers to work on your project on a part-time basis.

  • Specialty Staffing: If you have a highly confidential project, or need specialty staffing expertise, we can help with that too.

  • Direct Hire Recruiting: Directly hire a professional for your business needs.

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