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Hotel Reservations Call Center

Call Center
  • Booking and Reservations

  • Up-sell & Cross sell

  • Itinerary Research and Planning

  • Changes and Cancellation

  • Special Requests

  • Customer Services

  • General Enquiries

  • Loyalty Program Queries

  • VIP Customer Hotline

  • Live Chat Support

  • Email Helpdesk

Back Office
  • Ticketing

  • Suppliers & Agencies coordination

  • Accounts Payable Management

  • Accounts Receivable Management

  • Queue Monitoring and Management

  • Loyalty Program Administration 

  • Air, Train and Hotel Bookings

  • Flower/Gift delivery

  • Dining Reservations

  • Secretarial Services

  • Taxi and Local transport

  • Event Tickets

  • Translations

Hotline Consultant

It is often observed that in small and mid-sized hotels front desk staff is expected to attend to incoming calls, a lot of which may be from prospective customers who need to ask some questions before they make the reservation with you.  Now, when the same staff is occupied attending to the guests at the front desk, chances are that the calls will go either unanswered, will not get answered in a timely manner or will get answered in a hurry. These unanswered or mishandled calls may be costing you much more in new business than you even realise. And of course, when your front desk staff is constantly distracted by ringing phones, they can’t give your in-house guests the undivided in-person attention they deserve.

Another challenge these hotels face is the absence of round the clock reservations support. As a hotel, you depend heavily on international customers who may call you outside your business hours and if you are not answering those calls, you can rest assured that someone in your competition is.

Partnering with us makes sure that you are able to give dedicated in-person attention to your current guest and unparalleled support to your prospective customers.  We offer 24×7 Hotel Reservations Call Center Solution, delivered by our team of highly skilled and professionally trained reservation experts who answer all your incoming calls promptly and courteously to provide assistance to your prospective guests. Our objective is to convert more calls to confirmed bookings and maximize revenues through up-sell and cross-sell while improving overall guest satisfaction, something your multi-tasking staff can’t always concentrate on and can find overwhelming among other duties they handle.

Our solution especially benefits small and mid-sized hotels for whom it does not make economic sense to have round the clock dedicated reservations team in-house. The other advantage you is that we can easily tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your property that larger call centers don’t always accommodate.


24×7 Reservations & Information

Most of the people in our reservations team are experienced professionals from the hospitality background and are very familiar with how things work in the industry. Every call is answered in a structured way with the aim of converting more calls to bookings, achieving highest room occupancy and maximising average room rate through cross-selling and upselling. We help you get more direct booking and save on hefty OTA commissions. We respond to all your prospective guests’ questions about hotel’s amenities, availability, rates, benefits of different package plans, hotel’s cancellation policy etc. so that they can take an educated decision. Our superior support helps you project a polished and professional image of your hotel, setting the stage for better ratings on review sites like TripAdvisor. Integrating with your online booking system, our reservation experts can change or cancel existing reservations, process new reservations for future guests and can even process payments over the phone.

24X7 Hotel Telephone Operator

We offer off 24×7 Telephone Operator Sevice wherein we answer incoming calls & direct call to guest rooms, staff, or departments through the switchboard or PBX system. We can take room service and maintenance requests and coordinate with your staff to get them executed satisfactorily. Message taking, wake up call and directory services for your hotel guests are some of the other functions we can render.

Flexible Hiring Models That Suit Your Needs
Onsite Team

You can hire Assistants from us to build an onsite team. We’ll help you put together the team in the most efficient way possible. We have a good track record of deploying Assistants at client locations.

Different businesses have different needs. Your requirements could be entirely unique from others.

Our pricing plans to hire developers are woven around that diversity of requirements.

Whether you are an early-stage startup, a medium-sized retailer, or a multinational company, we have suitable hiring plans for every client.

Managed Dedicated Team

Create a team of assistants to work dedicatedly work on your project. The team will be based in the offices of Cleatline Jobs.

Extended Team

Hire assistants to extend your existing team. We s will add expertise and efficiency to your team.

Dedicated Assistant

Hire an assistant whto works dedicatedly on your projects. Recommended for smaller projects, this plan includes fixed-price and hourly billing options.

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